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Working with you to build a better business

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Our services

Reduce cost, reduce risk; increase effectiveness

We help with cost-cutting, we help to reduce risk, and we work with you to improve efficiency and make business improvements so that you can achieve your full potential, via a combination of services.

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Business processes

We help you to improve the business processes that you use to manage your operations by simplifying them and reducing bureaucracy, removing gaps and fixing shortcomings, and integrating them into a more efficient and easy-to-use system.

We can help you to gain ISO 9001 registration quickly and with a pragmatic, easy to use, low-bureaucracy approach.

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Product quality

We work with you to raise product quality and increase reliability, and we can usually do this by making small and inexpensive changes to the design, materials, or the way the product is manufactured or tested.

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We improve the way that products are manufactured in-house or via contract manufacturers by refining the manufacturing strategy, optimising the balance between in-house and sub-contract activities, helping you to reduce the cost of manufacture, and putting simple and effective processes and management tools and systems in place.

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Solving problems

We help you to address urgent issues for your company; we trouble-shoot specific problems, audit projects and products, devise solutions and improvements, devise and manage change, and provide facilitation, coaching and training.

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Working with you to build a better business.

Our services help you to cut cost and increase efficiency, improve quality and reliability, reduce risk, and bring products to market quicker, so you can increase customer satisfaction and increase your profits.