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We have experience of devising and and setting up cost-effective in-house assembly and test facilities that improve the quality and manufacturing responsiveness of specialist electronic equipment.

A manufacturer of advanced test equipment was having difficulty manufacturing some of its products via Contract Electronics Manufacturers and suppliers.

The contract manufacturers and their subassembly suppliers were highly competent in PCB assembly but had less experience at complete unit electrical and mechanical assembly, and there were numerous problems with build defects and delays.

Being highly advanced technology, the equipment design was not stable – international standards were continually evolving, so the product design had to frequently change to match the standard.

This, combined with the sheer technical complexity of the equipment, put change control on the shop-floor under considerable strain. It also made product testing and fault diagnosis particularly difficult. So a review of manufacturing strategy was undertaken.

Our experience in this area includes

The in-house facility proved itself – it met the business plan budget and timescales, increased quality and gave shorter lead-times to customers.

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In-house assembly and test