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Working with you to build a better business

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We help you to improve the way that your products are manufactured, whether in-house or via contract manufacturers, to reduce cost and improve quality.

We work with your staff and your supply chain to reduce risk and cost, improve efficiency, shorten time to market, improve quality, and increase customer satisfaction.

Manufacturing strategy

We can review with you, and refine, your manufacturing and supply chain strategy. This can include balancing in-house versus sub-contract activities appropriate to your product mix, volume and cost, and helping you reduce risk.

We have a great deal of experience in selecting contract manufacturers and suppliers in the UK, mainland Europe and the Far East, and in helping clients to work with them. Through our Associates we can also provide expert contractual and legal advice.

In-house manufacturing facilities

We also have considerable experience in designing and setting up in-house product assembly/manufacturing, test, repair and logistics centres. These can be particularly cost-effective for high value, high mix, low volume manufacturing.

We have developed business cases, found and negotiated property leases, designed factory layouts and managed their fit-out; we have also done all the staff recruitment and put management processes in place.

See the ICAM 2007 box (on the left) and case studies (on the right), and talk to us to find out if this approach could save money and shorten the lead times for your business.

New Product Introduction (NPI)

This is the process of taking development – a new design ‘on paper’ – through to production in several planned stages from prototypes through to volume manufacture.

Many companies that develop new products are relatively inexperienced at putting them into production or want to be more effective. Problems of low quality, inefficiency, or delays are common.

We can ensure that you go through the necessary New Product Introduction processes and provide the information and support that the manufacturer needs. We also make sure the manufacturer delivers a high quality service in return, and that you are able to control cost and risk.

We can also help you improve – and make more agile and efficient – the whole New Product Development process, from concept through design, development, and NPI to production.

Design for Manufacture

We can help you to reduce manufacturing cost early in the development cycle (low cost should be designed in, as it is more difficult to take cost out after the design has been finished).

We usually do this by undertaking Design For Manufacture (DFM) and Design For Test reviews at key stages of product design and development, from the concept stage through to the point at which the product is ready for production.

Manufacturing management

We can help you to set up simple and effective manufacturing management processes and arrange your operations to minimise the management time and reduce the cost of supporting manufacture in China or other low-cost economies.

We also help to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your supply chain management, supplier quality assurance, and material management.

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Working with you to build a better business.


Primilis Director Tom Gaskell presented a paper at the 2007 International Conference on Agile Manufacturing which described how high mix, low volume manufacturers can use in-house assembly plus contract manufacturing to reduce costs and lead times.

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