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Working with you to build a better business

Product quality and reliability

Read about the experience we have in significantly increasing product quality
and reliability, including through the use of techniques such as HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Testing) and by making small and inexpensive changes to the product.

Business quality, systems and processes

Read about our experience of improving and simplifying the processes used to manage operations, reducing bureaucracy, and putting in place easy-to-use and pragmatic systems that gained ISO 9001 certification.


We have worked in the UK, Mainland Europe, and the USA. Read about some case studies and examples of our experience.

Primilis respects the confidentiality and reputation of its clients and does not disclose privileged or confidential information without permission. Here are some general examples that illustrate the breadth of our consultants’ experience, and some specific case studies that we are able to talk about.

Implementing a low-bureaucracy Quality Management System and gaining ISO 9001 registration. more »

Designing and implementing a simple but effective material and manufacturing control system. more »

Quality Management System Material planning

Trouble-shooting and solving problems

Read about our experience of trouble-shooting, including helping to gain the CE Mark and overcoming a range of problems from EC Directive compliance to due diligence and legal claims.

Helping a client to CE mark a new product so that he could put it on the market in Europe. more »

CE marking

Improving product reliability by using Highly Accelerated Life Testing. more »

Improving quality and reducing build defects of industrial control equipment.  more »

Reduce defects Improve reliability


Read about our experience of improving the way that products are
manufactured in-house and via contract manufacturers, setting up cost-
effective UK assembly facilities, and undertaking New Product Introduction (NPI).

Preparing a business case then setting up an in-house manufacturing and logistics facility for our client. more »

Preparing a business case then setting up an assembly and test facility.
more »

Reducing risk for a new monitoring system by changing the manufacturer and supervising NPI. more »

Changing manufacturer Assembly and test In-house manufacture

Trouble-shooting a variety of problems, to reduce cost and risk, for many different clients. more »