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We have experience of eliminating defects in incoming goods by improving processes, changing working practices, and increasing inspection levels until high quality levels have been attained.

This example illustrates the experience and expertise that we offer in the area of product quality improvement:

A company had chosen a specialist supplier of industrial electronics to design and supply a critical new part of a complex system.

The basic product design was sound, but they found that early samples had suffered from a high rate of quality defects. The pre-production batch was no better.

Working for the company in a quality improvement capacity, our consultant was asked to improve quality before full production started.

He conducted a thorough audit of the pre-production units to gain a detailed appreciation of the range of faults.

He then took the inspection report to the supplier and went through his findings with their manufacturing and quality staff to agree the corrective actions they would take to prevent recurrence of the defects.

He then spent time on the supplier’s production line and identified nine areas where improvements in working processes would reduce risk and make it easier to ensure quality.

He helped to 100% inspect the next batches then, after the quality was shown to have markedly improved, implemented a sampling inspection scheme for incoming batches.

He also made sure the company’s in-house inspector, and the supplier, had a standardised set of inspection criteria against which to assess the incoming goods.

Their inspector worked on the supplier’s site at first, so that any defects could be acted on immediately and processes changed as required, and only when the quality was consistently of a high standard were acceptance levels relaxed still further and inspection moved back to the client’s facility.

The result was a product that had a very low level of defects and for which further incoming goods inspection became unnecessary.

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Defect reduction and quality improvement