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Working with you to build a better business

Our experience includes working on many different trouble-shooting assignments to reduce risk, reduce cost, or solve specific problems; here are just a few examples.

Providing investor advice

Technical due diligence assessments of two target companies on behalf of an acquirer, in particular for their development and manufacturing capabilities and their fit with each other. Also making recommendations for post-acquisition improvements.

This work reduced risk for the acquirer; both companies were successfully acquired and made a growing contribution to his group.

Preparing a company for sale

Assessment of a communications product manufacturer’s development and manufacturing capability on behalf of its bank. The company was looking to be sold but had weaknesses that reduced its market attractiveness. Having identified the root causes of its problems, devising an action plan and leading a change programme, following which a trade sale on favourable terms was secured.

Improving customer satisfaction

Putting in place a major remedial programme with key suppliers, and adding extra processes, preventive measures and inspection steps, for an equipment manufacturer that had major quality problems with two key suppliers. (The resultant early life failures were mostly affecting one major customer who threatened to return all units and stop doing business with the company.)

Also making changes to the product to improve robustness, and taking every unit through thorough bump and vibration screening. As a result, the early life failure rate was improved by a factor of six and the customer was satisfied.

Reducing manufacturing risk

Devising and putting in place processes and systems for part numbering, control and multi-sourcing in a rapidly growing OEM that was having increasing problems with material control which let to mistakes when buying parts and building products.  As a result, purchasing and prototype building became more efficient and the interface with manufacturers was more effective which reduced the risk of errors.

Supporting a legal claim

Providing the technical and project management advice within a team that was helping a client pursue a multi-million pound claim against a negligent supplier; the claim was settled on very satisfactory terms for the client.

Conforming with EU Directives

Devising strategies and putting plans in place for conforming to the new European Directives on waste (WEEE) and hazardous materials (RoHS, the ‘lead-free’ directive) in a low cost, low risk way.

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