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Welcome to Primilis

Primilis is a Cambridge-based quality, manufacturing and business consultancy that works with companies around the world to help them become more successful.

At Primilis we recognise that every company is unique and needs working practices that reflect its own business culture and market sector. 

We help you to

by improving your business performance in four main service areas:

We improve the business processes that are used for operations management by simplifying them, removing shortcomings and integrating them into an easy-to-use system.

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We improve the way that products are manufactured by refining the manufacturing strategy, balancing in-house versus contract manufacturing, making the products cheaper to manufacture, and putting effective processes in place.

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We improve product quality and reliability, often by making small and inexpensive changes to the design, materials, or the way the product is manufactured or tested.

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We solve specific problems, audit projects and products, trouble-shoot, and devise solutions and business improvements to cut cost and reduce risk.

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Business processes and quality management

Product quality and reliability

Manufacturing and New Product Introduction


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Primilis Director Tom Gaskell’s blog about quality, manufacturing and business management.

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Primilis and Cognidox,

the leading Document Management web application company, have announced the collaborative development of a Graphical Business Management System - gBMS - that makes it easier for clients to integrate document management with quality or environmental management, or a company Intranet, in one easy-to-develop, easy-to-use use system.

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