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Working with you to build a better business

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Our approach

The way we do business has been tailored to meet your needs and to deliver value for money. We make a real difference.


We take the experience that has been accumulated in a range of industries, companies, and roles and use this for your benefit whilst fully respecting and protecting the confidentiality of the companies we work for.


We are happy to enter Non Disclosure Agreements with you or with third parties.

We fully respect, and are fiercely protective of, your confidentiality and reputation. We won’t tell others about the work we do with you without your permission.

Integrity & professionalism

We operate to the highest ethical and professional standards. We don’t hide bad news – you find out about it immediately – and if we can’t deliver what we promised we talk to you immediately and agree how to move forwards.

We help many clients in many different ways, but if we can’t help in your specific circumstances we will tell you so straight away, and we will help you to find someone who can.

Working relationship

We normally work as consultants based on your site or elsewhere. We can also provide Interim Management or work under other arrangements if you prefer.


After meeting with you and discussing your specific needs we feed you back with our understanding of your brief and our observations. Further investigation is sometimes required so that we can better understand your business and give you the best advice; we need to identify the real issues to be addressed and devise the most suitable programme of work.

After we have agreed the brief and the approach, we prepare a proposal that defines our methods, our plan, our terms of engagement and the deliverables.

It is important for the proposal to be right, so we ask for your help in refining it until everyone is satisfied; it is what we will deliver against.

Paying for services

Most of our work is based on an agreed day rate and invoicing schedule although we may be able to consider other arrangements.

Primilis is a VAT registered UK Limited Company.

Terms of Business

We have standard Terms of Business that we can provide on request, or can work with yours (subject to agreement).

We help your business to work better.

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